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this is my story

I became a widow at the age of 53.

We met when I was only 14 and he was a year older.

By 16, he was my one and only. And, at the young age of 21, we were married.

We lived a life many would describe as the American dream. We both worked. Neil was a dentist and joined his dad’s practice. I worked in marketing/public relations and stayed employed full time until our 3rd child was born.

We were a family of 5, living in a beautiful home in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario with a dog, pool & a nanny. Our large, extended families lived close by and we had many friends who completed our life.

Sounds perfect.

On May 20, 2014 my world came crashing down. My 54-year old husband passed suddenly and completely unexpectedly of a heart attack as he was getting ready to go to work.

The years since have been a whirlwind of emotion, learning, growing, planning, silence, loneliness & change.

Is this where I thought my life would be? NO!

But, life happens & I am determined to make the best of it.

Won’t you join me in a positive, enriching & encouraging movement toward life?

evolving together.


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photo album

susan & neil july 3, 1982
jacq (our youngest), jon & shayna
bram, sheera (the middle child) & noa
jason (our firstborn), mariam, nate, ivy & pyper
neil – the way I liked him best. casual & scruffy
susan & neil, may 2014
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